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Used clothing sold by the pound. Vist our used clothing website Top quality credential clothing in the original collection bags. These original loads are unsorted and contain clothing, shoes, and some accessories. We stock hundreds of thousands of pounds and can ship at once. Call 800-933-9668 ext 7 for more info.

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Used Credential Clothing Sold By The Pound
Used Credential Clothing Sold By The Pound
CALL US TO ORDER 800-933-9668

Used Clothing sold in bulk.  Original credential clothing. Unsorted original loads> more info

The wholesale used clothing market is a multi billion dollar a year industry. With this much money to be made competition is guaranteed to be high among wholesalers & retailers.

That’s where Volume Apparel comes in. Our used clothing division has its finger on the pulse of the wholesale used clothing market. We stock hundreds of thousands of pounds of top credential used clothing*.

Call us today at 800-933-9661 to get a quote for the current market price.

*Credential Clothing is the unsorted, untouched donations left in the exact condition and in the original bags that the donator gave the items to the charity or commercial recycling company in. Credential Clothingis also called Original Clothing.